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This section and most of its subsections contain a list of all the TV Series, Films, Plays, etc. that Greg Evigan has been involved in. Some contain a photo slideshow. Eventually, all will contain photos.
Greg has starred in numerous television series such as "My Two Dads" and B.J. & the Bear. With a total of twelve different series under his belt he is on his way to a Guinness book of records for most television series ever.
Greg has also starred in nineteen movies made for television since he started his career. He was critically acclaimed for his performance as Charley Lloyd in "One of her Own." and received favorable reviews for many of his other performances.
There have been ten films so far in which Greg has performed lead roles in for the big screen.
Greg started his career in New York on the Broadway stage in "Jesus Christ Superstar." He went straight from JC Superstar into the Broadway production of "Grease" starring as Danny Zuko.
Besides performing on Broadway, Greg has been involved in different bands through out his life. He has performed on numerous television specials such as Dick Clark's New Years Rockin' Eve.
Greg was featured in numerous articles, TV Guide covers and photo shoots. Other various photos are contained in this section as well.
Greg guest starred in numerous television shows including "The Outer Limits," "Touched By An Angel" and "7th Heaven."
Head shots of different character looks can be seen in this section.