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National Cable TV Schedule for
February 25 to March 31 (Eastern Time Zone)

Earthquake in New York

Directed by Terry Ingram. Starring Greg Evigan, Cynthia Gibb, Michael Moriarty, Gotz Otto, Melissa Sue Anderson, Page Fletcher.
A serial killer stalks a police officer who is searching for his family in the aftermath of a devastating earthquake. 120 minutes- USA, 1998, (CC)

Fri Mar 10 09:00P on Lifetime

Directed by Rex Piano. Starring Joanna Cassidy, Greg Evigan, Tania Saulnier, Victor Browne, John Colton, Jonna Giovanna.
Mystery surrounds the sudden return of a young woman to her family 16 years after her kidnapping. 111 minutes- 2004, (CC)

Mon Mar 20 09:51P on Lifetime Movie Network
Tue Mar 21 02:30P on Lifetime Movie Network

The Rat Pack

Matlock (Andy Griffith) defends a jealous man (Timothy Busfield) accused of murdering his starlet girlfriend (Shawn Weatherly). Desi Arnaz Jr. and Greg Evigan also guest star. 60 minutes- (CC), In Stereo

Tue Mar 14 11:00A on WGN Cable
Fri Mar 24 02:00P on Hallmark Channel

The Billionaire, Part 1

Matlock (Andy Griffith) travels to London to conduct a mock retrial for a man (Greg Evigan) convicted of killing his billionaire father. With David McCallum and Don Murray. 60 minutes- (CC), Part 1 of 2, In Stereo

Fri Mar 31 01:00P on Hallmark Channel

The Billionaire, Part 2

In London to investigate the murder of a millionaire, Matlock (Andy Griffith) discovers several people who had reasonable motives for committing the crime. With Greg Evigan, David McCallum and Don Murray. 60 minutes- (CC), Part 2 of 2, In Stereo

Fri Mar 31 02:00P on Hallmark Channel
Straight From the Heart

Starring Teri Polo, Andrew McCarthy, Patricia Kalember, Greg Evigan, Christine Tucci, David Atkinson, J Kenneth Campbell, David Jean Thomas, Richard Gross.
A successful New York photographer meets a reclusive Wyoming widower who cannot let go of the past. 120 minutes- USA, 2003, (CC)

Sat Mar 18 04:30P on Hallmark Channel